Prepping for Boudoir with Yoga

Can Yoga Help Me Be Sexy?

Short answer? Of course! Long answer? Not in the way you are thinking…

This isn’t about getting tight abs and firm booty though that may be a side effect! It also may not! Women’s bodies, yours included, are gorgeous just the way they are, with all the curves and squishy places still intact! Yoga isn’t about getting that “yoga body”. I do yoga daily and I do not look like this!

In fact don’t even get me started on what I think of the way this culture has turned a beautiful practice into some kind of way to further perpetuate self hate because we aren’t skinny enough to look like the IG yoga people or flexible enough to touch our feet to the back of our head or strong enough to hold a peacock pose (which let’s be honest - this doesn’t even look fun!)

Yoga is about self-awareness How will this help you be more sexy? Allow me to explain...

When you practice, especially with a mentor or teacher in a group class or through private sessions, you gain access to a place inside yourself that you didn’t have before.

Yoga, when done intentionally and appropriately, will bring you more into your body, bring you more in touch with yourself. More in tune with how your body moves and how to move it properly. And safely.

If you’ve signed up for a Spellbound Event and you are looking for ways to take your session to the next level, mani/pedi and sexy lingerie is just the beginning! Yoga practice is the secret.

My classes focus on core strength, which won’t just help you feel more into your own space, it’ll also help your body hold up those sexy poses for longer periods of time.

I also work on a lot of flexibility. Twisting and spine movements will allow you to twist and arch in ways you weren’t able to before!

Let’s not forget balance! I mean come on walking in high heels is hard so when you strengthen your ability to hold yourself up without the heels, it becomes much easier to walk in them. Maybe even stand on one foot!

And just basically how your body moves in space. That may sound strange but so many of us are so out of touch with our own bodies and what our bodies are doing and how they are moving. Even if you do a high intensity workout regularly and feel strong you may be pushing through the movements so quickly you aren’t taking the time to get to know what your body is doing and how. My yoga classes focus on proper alignment and encourage you to tune in deeply to where you are, where your arms are, your feet, your legs, your booty. This is huge when you are posing in positions that may not be your norm. I don’t know maybe you do lay around on a velvety couch draping your hair off one end with your arms up and your legs in 2 different places every night. I don’t! And doing yoga daily helps me to feel into where my body is going.

I invite you to join my classes not just to help you in your next Spellbound session but to help you in life. To bring you to  a place of greater self awareness and to care for your body, mind and spirit on a deeper level. Which will improve every day of your life, not just your shoot day. Though I know we all wish every day was Spellbound day!

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